Black In America:Breaking: Cambridge Police Unit Demands Apology From Obama (Video)…

This is ridiculous the President should not apologize for anything. The officer was wrong and the Cambridge Police Dept. should look to him for any apology.

Further more, the historical record stands as a set precedent for how African Americans are treated in America. Henry Gates was arrested in his home by an officer who failed to abide by the law himself.

Non compliance with Mr. Gates request for identification and badge number was the first instance of unacceptable behavior. The officer has yet explain his deviation from protocol.

To demand an apology from the United States President is not only disrespectful to the Presidential Office; it also speaks to a special concern of defiance as the Cambridge Police Department answer their Commander and Cheif with a dismissive retort.

I do not support the Cambridge Police Department or their actions. Further investigation should be their first priority, and an apology from the arresting officer to Professor Gates is in order.

Breaking: Cambridge Police Unit Demands Apology From Obama (Video)…Update: Doctors Want An Apology Too!

~ by ARR on July 24, 2009.

One Response to “Black In America:Breaking: Cambridge Police Unit Demands Apology From Obama (Video)…”

  1. Here’s an issue: even if it’s your house, without running your license and talking to you outside cops don’t know (a) if you’re being held hostage or someone in your family is (b) if you’re subject to a restraining order or have warrants and (c) whether you’re up to no good in your own home, by, for example, having hurt a family member. SOP dictates ID, running for warrants, and taking things to the safety of the neutral ground outside. Gates lost his mind in this episode, made casual accusations of racism, and deserves to be ridiculed. Obama made a big moral and political mistake in weighing in on this local issue when he’s biased (by his own admission) and wrong and confirming the stereotypes of black politicians: They stand up for blacks and are negative to law enforcement even when blacks misbehave.

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